Pearl's Premium ~ Giving back and changing the world one lawn at a time.

Why we give back:

We believe that education leads to change. Our policy is to give back where we can, educate children and adults on the benefits of reducing water, emissions and eliminating the use of chemicals, donate to those who cannot afford our seed and support our Humanitarian Partners who are doing good for our people and our earth.  We could go into ALL the harmful effects to people, pets and our planet of using chemicals on your lawn, but figured that is what Google is for!  We like to keep it positive around here and positive energy inspires change.

Organic lawn practices have been around forever, however people view them as extremely labor intensive and expensive, and doesn't always lead to an attractive weed free lawn.  Pearl's Premium was developed to change the traditional lawn into a low maintenance, low energy, sustainable money saving field of lush, green grass!  We are doing just that,  changing our world one lawn at a time.  We have about 25,000 and counting, won't you join us!  

How Pearl's was born: 

We spent 8 years of intense research and testing to finally develop our unique blend of breakthrough lawn seed blends. It is a worldwide Patent-Pending product named Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed.

Once established, Pearl's grows very slowly and only needs to be cut once per month in Sunny conditions and once every 6 weeks in Shady conditions, as opposed to every week with other grasses.  Pearl's Premium will reduce lawn watering and mowing by 75% or more. Our seeds grow 12-14" roots in their first year allowing the roots to tap into naturally occurring moisture and nutrients.   Atlanta, Georgia Pearl's Premium LawnOur lawn seed blends are all natural and stay greener year round without harmful chemicals.  Our seed blends have been put to the test across the United States and Canada and thrive in all climates.  Even in hot climates our customers have been able to reduce their watering by over 75%!  Each year our nation uses 50% of our drinking water on lawn irrigation.  Our product was developed solely to reduce the amount of water and chemicals that are used on the typical American lawn,  the slow growth was an added benefit that was cultivated from our research!   You will love this lush, green lawn!  To learn more about our products please visit our product website at

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